How to connect HP printer to laptop wireless network?

Wireless printing is proving to be a boon for the print industry as well as users who wish to print without having to use old-age wired and cabled connections. Whenever you connect your printer to a wireless network and then connect it with your pc, you can give a print command from any corner of your house or office. Not just that, you can also send print commands to your printer from far-off places via email. However, to print wirelessly, it is important that you connect it to a high-speed network router to avoid any hassle during your task. But, most of us are unaware of the method to connect a printer to a wireless network. So, if you are also searching for how to connect HP printer to laptop wireless network, then this article is just for you.

Connecting a printer to a wireless network depends on how your printer model and may vary from printer to printer. So, in today’s post, we shall be guiding you on connecting a printer to a wireless network on a laptop. Before beginning the procedure, it is essential that you go through the printer manual carefully and follow the directions given in it.  

Directions to connect your wireless printer to a network

Step 1- Initial setup

  1. Take off your printer from its box and connect it to a power source
  2. Turn on your printer and then install the ink cartridges in it
  3. After that, you should follow some easy prompts on your screen

Step 2- connect your printer to Wi-Fi

  1. On your printer’s LCD display, find out the network configuration settings
  2. From there, choose “Wireless LAN Settings”
  3. Now, locate your router’s network SSID
  4. Make sure that your laptop is connected to the same network
  5. After locating the SSID, you simply need to select it
  6. Once done, enter the password of the same network

Step 3- Connect your printer to the laptop

  1. Tap on the “Windows” icon at the bottom of your laptop
  2. On the start-up menu, choose the “Settings” menu
  3. Now, go to the “Devices” section and find “Add a printer or scanner”
  4. Click on this to make your printer available on the display
  5. Hit the “Add Device” option to finalize the setup process
  6. That’s how to connect HP printer to laptop wireless.

Connect your HP printer to a laptop with the WPS method

Before you begin, make sure that your HP printer and your router support WPS technology for establishing the connection:

  1. Place the printer and the router as close as you can
  2. On your printer, open Setup > Network/ Wireless Network > Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  3. After that, click on “Push Button” and choose “Start”
  4. Immediately, press and hold the WPS button on your router
  5. Wait until the connectivity process starts to begin
  6. Check if your printer has stopped to flash a blue-colored light or not
  7. If it has stooped, then the connection was successful


Hopefully, you have discovered How to connect HP printer to laptop wireless network by going through the instructions given in this post. In case you haven’t got an idea about connecting your HP printer to a Wi-Fi network, then you may go to the official website of HP and learn the complete procedure there. Make sure that you have installed printer drivers which are compatible with your printer model only from the official website of HP.

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