How to fix wireless printing issues after Windows 10 update?

Updating the programs, software, operating system, drivers, and other components of a PC are a must because these updates come with certain fixes, bug elimination properties, and much more. However, many Windows 10 users have reported facing issues after updating the operating system of their devices. Most users had come across technical glitches while they tried to use their printer after installing Windows 10 update. After installing the operating system updates, you expect that your PC and the programs installed on it will work more smoothly. However, this is not the case with all Windows 10 users.

You might have landed here because you are also experiencing printing issues after installing Windows 10 updates. But, this is not an issue as big as it sounds and can be fixed by performing some troubleshooting solutions. However, before you initiate the troubleshooting process, make sure that you have restarted your device after installing operating system updates on it. If you do not restart the computer after installing updates on your PC, then some of the changes will not be saved and you may have to face problems with some of the programs available on it.

Ways to troubleshoot the problem

If you are also experiencing technical glitches after installing the Windows 10 update on your device, then you should do the following:

  • Check for device compatibility with your wireless printer

This is the first thing that you should check in case you are experiencing printing issues on your device. Makes sure the operating system is compatible with the printer driver that you have installed on it. Whether you are using an HP printer, Brother Printer, Canon Printer, or a printer from any brand, using compatible drivers on a compatible device is one of the most essential factors to be considered before initiating the printing task.

  • Install latest printer drivers

As already discussed above, you should use the updated and compatible rivers with your printer. Hence, to avoid falling prey to such a situation, you should go to the drivers’ download site of your driver and then install the printer driver updates on it. If that doesn’t help, you can completely uninstall the printer driver and then install it afresh.

  • Run Windows 10 troubleshooter for your printer

To run the troubleshooter on your Windows device, follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Open your device and click on the “Start” menu
  2. After that, tap on the “Settings” menu
  3. In it, tap on the “Update & Security” option
  4. Then, choose the “Troubleshoot” tab
  5. In the window that opens, navigate to “Get up and running”
  6. Under it, you should choose “Printer”
  7. To troubleshoot your printer, select “Run the troubleshooter”


That’s how to fix wireless printing issues after Windows 10 update. To troubleshoot any printing issue on your device, you can use the methods that I have listed in this informative post. Installing the latest updates of the printer driver is one of the best solutions to fix this issue. If you can’t install the latest printer drivers from the official website of your printer, then you can do so via the Device Manager of your PC.

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